About Us

We are a group of entrepreneurs that believe it is possible to run a for profit company that strives to make a positive impact.

Social Impact Payment Solutions

Thrivepay is a web based application that offers the collection of debit orders, receipt of electronic mandates from donors and the issuing of 18A tax certificates to donors.
Our web application is an advanced and secure tool used by organisations to grow their recurring income and streamline their document management whilst offering tremendous value to their donors.

Thrivepay offers a highly secure and cost-effective debit order collection system where users can sign on and upload debtor account files through unique access-controlled authorisation levels.

You can add and process debit orders against all South African bank accounts – debits can be made against current, cheque, savings and transmission accounts – and our automatic CDV (check-digit verification) system pre-validates bank accounts to determine if account numbers are consistent with bank and branch validations. This ensures the accurate capturing of data, prior to submitting transactions to the bank, reducing returned or rejected transactions, and the associated costs. Once processed, batch reports are provided to manage and measure successful and returned debit orders.

Multiple settlement options are available, or you may opt to run in your own account.

Thrivepay will guide new clients through the process of obtaining the correct legal customer mandates required to process correctly-authorised debit order payments.

Debit Order Dashboard

Our Vision

Our vision is for each and every NPO in South Africa to be using and benefiting from our platform.
Debit Order Dashboard

Our Mission

Our mission is to continuously offer value to NPO’s and their donors by constantly evolving our platform.
We have set out to ensure that all NPO’s making use of the Thrivepay application are empowered to grow their recurring financial support from donors who believe in their cause.

About Our Partners

Paysoft offers financial and credit management products to assist clients with credit vetting, and payment and collection processing.

As a result of the high volumes of transactions they process, Paysoft is able to offer their clients significant savings on their EFT payment, debit order, DebiCheck and account verification transaction costs.

Paysoft clients can use their secure Web-based interface to manage and report on their transactions, or can opt to integrate Paysoft services directly into their own systems using the secure FTP and API solutions.

Data privacy and security are of paramount importance to Paysoft and their servers are located in a category-5 biometrically-secured data vault with all their systems audited by their banking partners.

Paysoft is proud to be a level 2 BBBEE contributor.


Paysoft is registered with the Payments Association of South Africa as a System Operator (SO001083) and Third-Party Payment Provider. Paysoft is a level 2 BBBEE contributor.

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