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Section 18A tax certificates

A taxpayer making a bona fide donation in cash or of property in kind to a section 18A-approved organisation, is entitled to a deduction from taxable income if the donation is supported by the necessary section 18A receipt issued by the organisation or, in certain circumstances, by an employees’ tax certificate.

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Automated 18A tax certificates for debit order donations.

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18A Tax Certificates

What Details go on a Section 18A tax certificate?

A taxpayer will only be allowed to claim a deduction for a donation to a section 18A approved organisation if it is supported by a receipt issued by the organisation.

> The receipt issued by the organisation must include the following details:The reference number of the organisation issued to it by the Commissioner for purposes of section 18A;
> The date of the receipt of the donation;
> The name and address of the organisation issuing the receipt to which enquiries may be directed;
> The name and address of the donor;
> The amount or nature of the donation if not in cash;
> Certification that the receipt is issued for the purpose of section 18A and that the donation will be used exclusively for the activities which are approved for section 18A purposes;
The receipt must be issued in the year when the donation is received by the organisation approved for purposes of section 18A.

Section 18A tax certificate resources

Basic Guide to Section 18A Approval (Issue 3)

This guide has been prepared to assist organisations in understanding the basic requirements for obtaining and retaining approval under section 18A in accordance with SARS. It does not go into comprehensive technical and legal detail and should not be used as a legal reference.

The New Section 18A: Audit Certificate – SAIPA

New control measures for Public Benefit Organisation (PBOs) that issue section 18A certificates to donors:

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